Is Ibiza good in July ?


some say july is one of the best months to go, august is just too hot, crowded and its also the most expensive time of year!!! september is rather like june and july, the weather is just as nice, but its possible less crowded, and not as expenisve.

July is a good time, esp the first or second week.....

Well it pretty much depends on why you are going in the first place. Sure August is HOT! But....there are also positives sides to this story, for instance the clubbing experiences you have!

The first 3 times I visited, I went in the end of July, perfect weatherconditions, but If I had gone a week later, I could have experienced Paul Van Dyk and Armin Van Buuren, which I would have loved. The amount of fab DJ´s is overwhelming in August, whci for some people is concidered to be the prime season for clubbers, because of the line-ups in various venues....

I went in Sept last year, was ok...but admitted that I almost missed the crowd of people, and San Antonio was almost a ghost-town at night, except for the Q´s at Eden (Judgement Sunday Closing Party!)...

So really, we all have our favourite seasons, just be sure to decide what you value the most, and have the best of it all...IBIZA IS MAGICAL!

Cheers! :twisted:
DJ line-ups for 2003

I was in Ibiza for the first time in September last year. Went to ministry's closing at Pacha and privelege the next night. It was unreal. The best clubbing i have ever had by a mile. The clubs were pretty full but I can imagine july is alot busier. Where is the best place to meet hot chicks. When will the various line-ups be listed for summer 03 for the various clubs.

the club listings will not be posted untill april/may so a little whle yet....but hang around on here...

you can meet "hot chicks" anywhere while staying in ibiza, there isn't some sort of section in ibiza that all the "hot chicks" go to hehehehe!!!