Is Ibiza Busy in First 2 Weeks of Sept?



Hi all,

I was wondering if Ibiza is busy in september? will you let me know, because I am thinking of going on the 31st of Aug till sept 16th..


Most definitely, its busy as long as the main clubs stay open. Usually until the end of September.

Not quite as busy as in high season, but that is a good thing! You tend to get a better crowd in September as well, less lads, less p!ss heads.
september is the best time to go. The clubs are a bit quieter and the closing parties have started :D :D
In August Ibiza is no way near as busy as it was 2 years ago. But it is still busy and september is now the best time to go.
ian_jamsie said:
september is now the best time to go.

IMHO, the best time to go is for the opening parties in late june. it's hot, not tooooo busy and peeps are fresh.

thats not stopping me going back in september though :D
Ibiza in September

I'm also going in Sept, think it should be a really good time to go.

A few closing party's as well!

See you all there

Russ! 8)
I'm going on the 31st august for a week, shouldn't be as busy as last time I went in july! lol! I'm an Ibiza addict, bring it on!!!! :D
it tends to get less crowded as the month gets on, there were quite a few people arround at the start of the lastweek but by the end it was sparce.
Doin Ibiza in Septmbr

Yeh fink Sept defn8ly gud time 2 go. Not 2 crowded. Not 2 hot weather wise. Seems 2b more 4 dedicated clubbers rather than Kevin n Perry types who pay homage & atttempt 2 re-enact 2 the "uncovered"(in ibiza/corfu) series. U still meet a gud cross section of ages & nationalities. And of course there will b sum memorable closing parties.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah memories theyre flooding back, 2 weeks 2day & I will b there.
Njoy mayb c u there (guna do Euphoria 7/9, Space 8/9, the rest is undecided)? 8)