Is FAtboy SLiM iN f***In HEaveN, ? Wut Are U thoughts On Him



Even tho fatboy uses all software, he motived me to mix, hes sum wut my idol , please tell me wut u thnk , i listen to live at brighton beach 24/7!!! cant stop.
Yeah i've seen the video of brighton beach, 250, 000 people...looked mental.

fatboy is a good party dj, but i don't rate him as a serious dj! His mixing sometimes leaves a lot to be desired.

But he pulls the crowds, i'll give him that
where did u see this video!!!
i want it :(
listenin to fatboys tracks is totally off the sickter rickter, and really!!! , wanna see him live.
I also like someoff carl cox's shit,
Im from VAncouver, Canada and all they play is RandB hiphop rap, 50 cent
f*** it gets anooyin after a while and listenin to house , ect.. gives me a sence of relief...
Fatboy Slim used to live near me many moons ago when he was in the Housemartins. Him and a couple of others used to busk in the city centre, bit of a contrast to playing to 250,000.

He's good at what he does with all the sampling of chopping of classic tracks, sometimes if I happen to be listening to Radio 2 (my mate likes it honest) you'll hear older tracks he has used parts from. That's a talent.

But his music isn't to my taste, but repsect for the production skills. 8)
I bought the "Live at Brighton Beach" cd, and I must say that Slim's mixing leaves a whole hell ofalot to be desired. I know now to skip over any other mixes that he puts out.
I remember sasha when he was interesting
He is now occasionly but i just wish he would smile more and look like he is actually enjoying things.
I only saw Fatboy Slim for the first time the other week and I thought he was great. He did what a DJ should do, played some good tunes and made people dance :D
Norm's an entertainer. his mixing might not be digweed smooth but he puts on a storming party. Don't rate his tatse in music much but have had tremendous fun whenever ive seen him.
went to the Beach party last year and it sure rocked. never seen so many wasted people in one place in me life.
too much p.iss in the street though, if i lived in brighton, i'd not want that on me doorstep