Is Euphoria any good?



Is Dave Pearce's Euphoria night any good? Missed it last yr but there this yr in time to go at Eden on a thur if it is a good night.

Quite enjoy my trancier nights btw :)
well sad but true: Dave sucked the last time I was there. they have moved it to Friday now....his warm-up guy was really good though lol*
If you want some boshing out trance, then you'll be fine with Dave Pearce's Euphoria, bit of a younger crowd, but always a popular night with some.
was worried he might not be very good :( still, worth a go maybe, or is there anything better on a fri nite?? (ie on fri 26th June?)
Baddass said:
was worried he might not be very good :( still, worth a go maybe, or is there anything better on a fri nite?? (ie on fri 26th June?)

Tongy @ Pacha for their 30 bday thing is where I'll be but for trance Dave Pearce will be your best bet. At the end of the day Dave Pearce is like Judge Jules and the like, he's a crowd pleaser, if you want to hear some tunes that you know and just 'av it :p you'll be fine.
Ibiza-girlie said:
well his radioshow is still pretty o.k but not his DJ´ing...sorry.....

Yeah he's not a technically good DJ but he's ok for ppl who want to hear the big tunes.
I would have to be paid to go and see Dave Pearce. Only one night came close last year....... Skool Disco. :lol:

I didn't go....... honest! :eek: :confused:
If you like your trance music then you will enjoy Euphoria as everyone has said above. It looks like there is not a huge variety on Friday nights this year and pacha 30th birthday will be massive (and one would presume packed!!).
Dave Pearce moved to Friday this years as Saturday is traditionally a changeover nights for package trips so I would expect you are going to see bigger and younger crowds at Euphoria this year.
I went to Euphoria 2 years ago and to be honest it wasn't that bad as someone else said you got all the big tunes.

I think Slinky's on at Privilege on the Friday as well, don't know how busy that will be though although the music should be good!
it was alrite last year beacuse he plays all the classics,all the tunes that got me into this lark in the first place,everyones up for it.
Two years ago we went over to Ibiza for the Radio 1 weekend. Saturday evening was spent on the beach outside Mambos listening to Roger Sanchez, Pete Gooding, Lottie etc.

This was a great night but my girlfriend and I really couldn't really be bothered going to Manumission for the Radio 1 night there - I'm not too fond of Privelidge - going once was enough for me. So we thought we'd pop in by Eden for Euphoria to see what it was like - just a 10 minute walk anyway.

This turned out to be a really good move - we had a brilliant night in Eden! This wouldn't be my usual night out but Dave Pearce and Ray Davies played all the cool "classics" and Darude played live too - Mixmag hosted the back room and again the music was good there as well.

Would I go back??? - I would if there was nothing else on - at least its guaranteed to have a really up for it crowd dancing from the minute the doors open to the early hours...

I worked for Euphoria last year and I wasn't the biggest fan!
If you want big tunes that you hear back home and you want to dance all night then you'll enjoy it. The atmosphere is fantastic and everyone is up for a good time. But I would say that in my opinion the music can verge towards the cheddar end of the spectrum!
If you want trance then I'd say Cream or Gatecrasher at Amnesia, Slinky at Privilege (Tunnel Trance if it's still there too) and maybe Judgement Sunday or the Gallery/ Clockwork Orange at Eden.