Is Eden The Only Place Where They Play Uplifting Trance Ect?

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Ibiza-girlie said:

On what night???

Amnesia you have got Cream on Thurs and either Gatecrasher or Godskitchen tbc on Tues but apart from that there ain't much trance on the will be converted into funky house lol ;)
that will be the day!! i like funky house but when I really have to have fun and enjoy myself, trance is the onnnnlllyyyy way, hehe!!!
house music baby

try the terrace in space or pacha with morrilo and then see if u still think that trance rules
well at the time I went the only thing that "ruled" was my bed, i didn´t wuite get the "vibe" of the terrasse - waaay too many people and drinks were Waaay too expensive

dont sound like much of a partyer if u enjoy bed too much go to the terrace at about 7 till midnight best experience ever
Trance Rules

I would like to defend Miss Ibiza-girlie here, she's been so tirelessly trying to express her love for trance, well guess what? I'm from Canada, the place that's got the LEAST Trance and I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE IT!! I love House too, but you're right, it's nice to listen to in the afternoon on the beach and just chill to it, but at night nothing sets this spark on fire other than Trance! ;)

You mentioned waking up in the morning to PvD or Armin, well I can't say otherwise! :D I probably listened to "politics of dancing" CD 20 times by now and how every mix is gonna sound! (pretty TRANCE-obssessed, huh?)

Are you coming down in July? Cause if you are, we could meet and show the world that trance really RULZ!!!! I'm going in July so I can see PvD himself there at Amnesia on the 3rd.

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trancepunch said:
Are you coming down in July? I'm going in July so I can see PvD himself there at Amnesia on the 3rd.
Much respect to PvD; the trance master himself will rock Cream. God's willing I'll be there for his two visits - July 3rd & the 17th.
yeah lets show the world that trance still is hoooot! hahah!!!

no I´m sorry, not going in July this August and I will certainly DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY....HEHE VIVE LE TRANCE AS ONE OF THE VENUES ARE CALLED
That's too bad you're not gonna be there in July...oh well, I'm sure after I go this summer (my first time by the way) I would wanna go every summer after that so we should definitely party together! :D

So what did you wear when you went there all the other times (which is how many btw?) I have 2 months before I go and I'm alredy pondering over this issue...girls are just crazy I'll tell you! :)

I'm definitely taking lotsa short revealing tops and sparkles/glitter - all that crazy fun stuff. I am a heels type of girl but I will take runners as my feet do get tired after a while. I never wore a skirt to afterhours eventhough I LOVE wearing them. I don't know, I just always think they are uncomfortable to dance in..
Re: Is Eden The Only Place Where They Play Uplifting Trance

Barbie said:
Ibiza-girlie said:
there ain't much trance on the will be converted into funky house lol ;)

I am a complete music bigot and only like trance :p I sometimes get dragged along to other stuff eg Bedrock last week for Carl Cox and John Digweed but it does NOTHING for me.

The past 2 years I have had no probs whatsoever on getting my fill of trance on a nightly basis although some of the nights have changed this year and I see Xtravaganza aren't doing Privilege this year although Slinky are taking Fridays over which should be a mix of Trance and the harder stuff.

You have of course then got Crasher (hopefully) and Cream in Amnesia which is amazing!!!!

I certainly wouldn't say that there was not much trance on Ibiza of all places though....maybe Ayia Napa but not Ibiza ..... or I wouldn't be there!!!
I really like trance music too, and it's normally trance nights I go to when go clubbing in the UK but I must admit Ibiza has really widened my music tastes - I love house music now...

Certainly NOT gonna miss PvD at Cream tho :D
I gotta time and place for trance. Can put my head in f***ing clouds!!! Gets me so freaking high!! :eek: :lol: But its gotta be good - PVD, Tiesto. There's def a lot of piss out there.
You do certainly sound like you're high :D Some stuff you're saying barely makes sense :) I'm actually styding for my last f****** exam of my whole life so i'm not quite myself either!! :evil: After tomorrow i'm oficially free of University and can prepare myself for IBIZA!!! Yeah!

I know, Max Graham is quite popular in Canada, and i see that you're from Canada, so that makes sense. :rolleyes:
I prefer stuff with melodies though, it's those enchanting melodies and nice bass that really get me high, and I find what Max plays that's a bit repetitive. I've seen him 3 years ago at Swirl party in Montreal (when PvD was supposed to be there actually, but that boy cancelled out due to some sickness in the family)
See, I can be totally psyched on tunes like Flight 643 by Tiesto (which is totally bass-based song and so hardcore and energizing) and then melt away to something by Jan Johnston and Ferry Corsten or Chicane. I'm really diverse...
really? hmmmmmmmm... I like what your saying though, i think we have similar tastes. I only listened to Max twice so guess im not that familiar but one of his sets was amazing and yeah the other i could give or take. Anyway nice to meet you!

d4l :D