Is DC10 open on Monday 2nd June??


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Does anybody out there know the answer??

I really hope it is open - what a start to summer that would be Space followed by DC10!!!
Cheers mate,

That will be awesome then - see you on the Terrace followed by outside at DC10 - bring it on.

(Wonder if there will be any DJ stage diving!?)
Not that I mind because I know that the music is going to be great anyway - but does anybody know who will be playing dc10 opening? Jo Mills and Tanya. Anybody else?

I think rocky from x-press 2 and clive henry played last year?

God the weather is awful today :(
Jimbob said:
(Wonder if there will be any DJ stage diving!?)

It's been made illegal by Ibizan local government, alongside flyering and silly dress senses. ;)