Is Bora Bora alive when it rains?


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This question is mostly for those who were/are on the island and been to Bora Bora this year during the time it rained.

So was it alive and kicking as usual, less packed or totally closed?
Was there last year at the end of sept. when it gets a littler less hot, the place is quieter during the daay but is still kickin later on.

rain makes it more fun (unless it's like James woz talking about the other day)
I was there a couple of years ago when it was the coldest day I have ever experienced in Ibiza, we had been to Manumission Carry On and then down to Bora Bora, it started raining, obviously there was no-one on the beach but the atmosphere was amazing at Bora Bora cos everyone was just 'aving it in the rain :D
Absolutely poured down last Wednesday-one of the heaviest showers I've ever witnessed (and I live in Scotland!). I think this prevented Bora Bora from opening until later, certainly I couldn't hear anything from my balcony in the Jet just by it.

However, when there's light showers the party still goes on. They had PVC covering on though last week when it looked like it might shower.

How I miss the place... :cry: