Is a day trip to Mallorca possible??


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I am going to be in Ibiza July 8 and was wondering if its common to travel over to Mallorca? I found a ferry that takes about 2 hours but it only leaves at 9 at night which would have me arriving on Mallorca very late.

I wanted to go there to explore the caves they have and then come back to Ibiza for some clubbing.

Does anyone know of any other ways to travel between the islands?
Party @Palma de Mallorca


i will stay in el arenal, did anybody know some cool house or techno clubs in Palma de Mallorca ?

i am sure many years ago now in the late 90s i priced it worked out around £36.00.ferry left at midnight and get there around 5am.coming back it left at you a full day nearly.even though other island are noit that far cost a bomb on ferry and even more to fly over.