iPhone 3.0 Software

Yeah supposed to be today but they just haven't specified a time, according to the forums I've checked nobody has it yet.

I'm guessing as Eastern US Time is 5 hours behind us???? Then if it was being released at 9am then it would be 2pm when we get it in the UK.

Just a guess I may be wrong!
its definitely today, looking forward to updating later on tonight and see what if any difference it makes, think the landscape keyboard will be a bonus, shame we cant get the movie and compass function that comes on the new 3gs
i've read on the O2 website that the update will be available this evening again not sure what time.

I'm a bit gutted with what O2 have offered exisiting contract customers for upgarde, spend £35 a month can renew a month before you contracts finishes, £50 it's 3 months and £80 6 months.
Where would the world be without geeks, no doubt still sitting in caves!

...and modern technology has done the human race a whole lot of good hasn't it? :lol:

Don't worry - I buy into the notion that you're all better people for having them too. ;) :confused:

(I too may be succumbing to yuppiedom at the weekend :oops:)
Very funny joke:

- How do you know if a person has a Mac or a iPhone?
- They will tell you that without any parent reason.