Internet! Why didn't anybody tell me?

Warren D

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We were able to use a neighbours unsecure wifi up until a few weeks ago when they moved out of the area. Damn!
We've been using some of the locutorios and the interet cafes since then but then on Thursday I found out that Vodafone do a USB thingie that you plug into any computer to get internet access anywhere. paid for it on Friday and was connected on Saturday. I had been putting up with sitting at cold internet cafes wasting money on tea that I really didn't want just so I could use their wifi all this time when I didn't need to.


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Wow, that's a good deal for wireless. Is it only for business? The way I download I'd breach the 5G barrier in no time. LOL

Warren D

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No its not business only. We just walked into a Vodafone store in town, signed up for an 18 month contract and were given the internet modem. A girl at the store called the next day to tell us when we were set to go online. I think its 39 euros a month over here and it can be used anywhere in Spain. There is a similar package in the UK and I expect its also in other parts of Europe.
I have a pay as you go phone on Vodafone too that I got a month ago and they put some free credit on it when I signed up for the internet thing on Friday.
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we got one of them usb dongle things last year and its invaluable when youre running round the island

we didnt bother getting a contract - i just stick my vodafone PAYG sim in, top it up at the cash point, tabac etc and bobs yer unkle and fannys yer aunt

btw there's at least 50 wifi hotspots ive found round the island over the past month


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warren d be careful with the amound of mb don't want end up wondering where this 200 euro bill came from;)