Insperations For A Harder Generation Out Now


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Remember the first time you heard that one song that opened your eyes to the world of Dance music, that one piece of music that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and sent a shiver down your spine?
Well hold on tight as Inspirations For A Harder Generation delivers 26 brand new remixes of those very tracks, tracks that Inspired a full generation of DJ’s, Producers and clubbers alike.

Combining the talents from 26 of the leading DJ’s and producers on the Hard Dance scene, Inspirations For A Harder Generation takes the tracks that inspired them to get into dance music, and re-creates the magic one more time for anyone who has been into dance music over the last 20 years!


From early Rave classics such as <b>Hard Core Uproar – High on Hope</b> and <b>DJPC – Insomniak,</b> to 80’s chart toppers such as <b>New Order – True Faith</b> and <b>Softcell – Tainted Love,</b> right through to modern day club anthems such as <b>JX – You belong To me</b>, <b>Living Joy – Dreamer</b> and <b>Sandy B – Make The World Go Round</b>, every base of modern day club culture has been covered, re-worked and remixed for the dance floors of 2008 by the cream of Hard Dance talent!


<b>Disc 01</b>

1. Ben Stevens – Dreamer

2. Phil York – Move On Baby

3. Guyver – Walhalla

4. Hyperlogic – U Got The Love (Steve Hill Feat Technikal Remix)

5. Amber D – Another Chance

6. Andy Whitby & Matt Lee – Higher State Of Consciousness

7. Kym Ayres – Killer

8. Morgan – For An Angel

9. Tidy DJs – Strings For Yasmin

10. K Series – Enervate

11. Cally Gage & Tom Parr – A Little Love A Little Life

12. Technikal – Ssst (Listen)

13. Alex Kidd – Comin’ On Strong

14. Dark By Design – No Good (Start The Dance)

<b>Disc 02</b>

1. Base Graffiti – High On Hope

2. Sam Townend – Make The World Go Round

3. Scott Fo Shaw – Show Me love

4. Nik Denton – Phorever People

5. Jon BW – Not Over Yet

6. Paul Maddox – You Belong To Me

7. Shaun M & Abandon – Tainted Love

8. Knuckleheadz – Energy Flash

9. BK & Vinylgroover – Insomniak

10. Andy Farley – Shinny

11. Jp & Jukesy – Sandstorm

12. Ilogik – I Feel You

13. Rodi Style & Ben Stevens – U Got 2 Know

14. Paul Glazby – True Faith

<b>Inspirations For A Harder Generation Is released on September 29th through all good record stores