Insomniacz .. The Reunion April 12th 09 Hard House classics! 1999-2004


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It's a club not a classroom - The Reunion April 12th 2009. Hard House classics from 1999 until 2004.

A small selection of Insomniacz’s Accolades & Claims to fame:

- Ministry number one club- 2000.
- Mixmag recommended venue- 1999-2000- 2001-2002-2003-2004.
- Insomniacz 2nd birthday held at the National Centre for popular music - 2500 clubbers and 45 DJ's. Full to capacity.
- Hosted the main stage in Skegness - 2003 - 10000 clubbers.
- Hosted 2nd arena with Godskitchen in Newcastle Telewest Arena in 2004
- Filled the Republic Nightclub in Sheffield for our 3rd birthday celebrations.
- Filled to capacity - Code Nightclub on a weekly basis in 2003 – 2004.


Afterparties were never a homely place to be, well not for the poor soul who had to spend three days tidying up their home, whilst sullen bodies tried with one last attempt to drag their under slept heads back home.

After the hands in the air madness of Saturday evening euphoric trance, it’s hard to imagine that anyone anywhere in this entire world would commit themselves to another eight hours of hedonistic fun. Then a new revolution in dance music evolved: hard house. A sound so raw, so unyielding that a new generation of clubbers were instantly hypnotised and drawn to a new dance, a scene like the progressive movement of the early nineties, a comparison which speaks volumes, and unlike superstar dj orientated trance had the qualities necessary to become an established underground musical movement.

With every genre of groundbreaking musical madness there then follows a selected few clubs whom week in week out, break into a sweat to retain an admirable following and establish themselves in the super league of British nights.

Within two years Insomniacz had grown from a back street after-hours retreat into a fully-fledged hard house institution, moving once to the one thousand four hundred capacity of The Corporation in Sheffield to the two thousand capacity venue of The National Centre for Popular music, Sheffield’s most futuristic looking piece of architecture.

When the last loop or chord reverberation died in established Saturday night venues many clubbers were heading straight up the M1 to Sheffield’s finest dance party to hear the sounds of Paul Glazby, Andy Farley, Lisa Lashes, Fergie, Mauro Picotto, Tidy Boys, Mark Gray, Anne Savage, ilogik & Paul Janes (to name a few) to keep them awake for another eight hours. House owners were relieved, parents and landlords were no longer awoken by the rattle of keys at 6am on Sunday morning, Insomniacz had become a retreat for music lovers across the U.K to bury themselves. In the space of two years Insomniacz became one of the world’s leading after-hours music venues.

Most of you will already know the DJs on the Hard House circuit, Insomniacz helped engineer most of these guys and the event planned for April 12th 2009 is the home coming of Hard House. It's a new beginning for the Scene.

For one night we are going to take it right back to where it all started. This is your chance to experience what 1000’s of clubbers enjoyed week in week out and have longed for again. The time has come for a thrash up like no other. Get your banging boots dusted off as Insomniacz is back.

Events details are:

April 12th 7pm until 4am.

Tidy Boys
Andy Farley
Paul Glazby
Mark Gray
Iain R & Ian Barker BTB

The venue is owned by our old friends ...

The Corporation Nightclub
Milton Street
South yorkshire
S1 4JU
Capacity is 1000 for the main arena.

Tickets are priced at £15 from

For information please contact us at:
Don’t Stay In: