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Just wondering if anyone knows what inox are upto this year? I found it a nice change for a night last year.
It was a shame weren't it...just frequented by a handful of workers and a few randoms that had accidently strayed from the west end by mistake!!
My mate Disco ran the 24/7 night and our mates played there...Medic, Adi J, Gaz Jones know any of them nitefly?
Its not a bad little club really but they need to work on the promotion this year.
The best night there last year was the 1st Garlands carry on party...oh my god...what a mess!
ha ha my little shaz, u want the window seat or the aisle seat, personally i'd want ya in the toilets wink :D wink! Yeah inox is ok massive inside decieving on the outside, did you know it was San An's first ever club about 26 yrs ago, so i've been told, might pop in again if i'm playing or garlands do something again, ta ra la for now!
i only did a nite there,that was enough but i lived with the inox lot,danny the pr manager,chris who owned the place,pez,but he got kicked out there was damo my room mate and another danny who was about 7ft tool,u know any of them.