Innate - 'Parabolic Curve' - Baroque -Sonny Wharton, Loco & Jam, Lank


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Artist: Innate
Track Name: Parabolic Curve
Label: Baroque Records
Style: Progressive, Tech House & Techno
Release Date: Sept 7th 2009

Original Mix
Loco & Jam remix
Sonny Wharton remix
Lank remix


"Baroque label head honcho Keith McDonnell turns in another outing under his Innate guise. This time its a dirty soaring tech monster. led by a filtered and tweaked synth line and clanky percussion. with an awesome peak time monster of a remix from Irish techno boys Loco and Jam. A warmer tribally mix from Sonny Wharton is also included, alongside and a techy little jackin groover of a remix from Hungarian producer Lank!"

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Timo maas, Paul Van Dyk, Above and Beyond
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