Inglorious basterds.

Colonel Kurtz

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Went to see it last night and thought it was brilliant, despite brad pitt (am i alone in thinking he's one of the worst actors around?) the colonel landa character was fanatsic.
Any views?
Bit of a mixed bag.

Chapter 1 - Great

Chapter 2 / 3 - Boring, needlessly drawn-out and creaking under the weight of all the unnecessary dialogue

Chapter 4 - Genius
Chapter 5 - Good

Horrendous bit of 'casting your mates' by way of including terminally wooden Eli Roth who should really just stick to directing movies.

Til Schweiger was good as usual but somewhat underused

Overall it's pretty good though
Watched it on a dodgy jack sparrow the other night due to the mixed bag reviews. Thought it was pretty good but dragged on a bit (although maybe that's due to the lengthy german/french dialogue with russian subtitles bit) :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Will go and see it properly on the weekend.