Info about changes of MAW dates



I've read in MAW boards that all the gigs of MAW @ Pachá this summer have been cancelled, and MAW sets will take place on Wednesday @ Pinup.

I'm specially interested in info abou next week, cuz, in theory, Little Louie Vega had to play @ Pachá the 28th, and it seems that MAW will be altogether @ Pinup the 27th :eek: .

Any reliable info? (urls will be a great help).

afaik, the info on this site is reliable.

search for MAW on the board, and you'll find confirmed by soul heaven themselves that MAW play together at Pin UP next wednesday - one not to be missed!!

good luck
MAW played for the Ministry Opening in June, Ministry have sold their name to Pacha this year so it is Pacha who should be doing all the PR stuff. Basically they didn't, Louie and Kenny ended up playing to half empty club and said unless Pacha promoted them accordingly they wouldn't play for them anymore.

Hence they pulled out of all dates at Pacha where they were playing solo and the Closing Party as MAW, this was back in July.

Louie and Kenny were already playing a date each for Soul Heaven@Pin-Up and then a few weeks ago they added the date as MAW next Weds.
Then, I'll lose one session of Little Louie Vega and I'll win one session of MAW... gooooooooooooooooooood 8) 8)