Indian couple


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Hey , we are a indian couple in ibiza , we stay near san antoni till july 16th , we would like to try out new things and meet new people and fulfill our fantasy . We are looking for couples , men , women to make friendship with.


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We would like to have an threesome tonight , any good looking guys ? And since the place we stay doesnt allow outside guests , you guys should have place . ?
I know a more suitable website for this :) Check your DM. Oh and to be clear...we're a couple, not in Ibiza atm and not interested.
But I do know the place where you'll probably find what you're looking for :)


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we never been... We're looking for couples to party, not swingging...
To keep things clear...that accounts for us too.
We're not strange to a erotic or kinky party back home, but when in Ibiza...there's too little time to waste on a club or getting to know other people for that purpose. Ibiza is for dancing to the best dj's, eating good food and enjoying beautiful beaches. Was just curious in general if someone here has any experience with that club. Anyway, we're hijacking this couples topic...who knows how full their DM is right now with single guys ;-)