In Ibiza i bought .......


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the 'F*** Me I'm Famous' limited edition CD by David Guetta :p

Saw it on a few stands then when i went to purchase everyone had totally sold out (only 2000 copies in circulation)

Anyhow, went to a small backstreet DJ shop in Ibiza town and they had a few copies left - 7 euro cheaper than everywhere else too :D

Not listened to it yet, but i'll let you guys know v.soon.
was gonna buy that - cos it looked so cool....but for some reason i never :cry:

now i wish i had.
Alicia said:
I also bought it and a t-shirt to match it :D

What do you think to it?

I've put mine in the car CD stacker this morning so only heard 10 minutes.

Saw loads of people in the t-shirts, but not as many as last year.
I looked at this but didnt buy it as i thought a lot of the tracks were quite old....still quite a high 'cool' factor album though.

I thouhgt the Pacha 30th Anniversary album was good though. Gotta love barry white, rip.
Yes some of the track are very old and I can't stand to listen to some of them anymore (satisfaction). But there are nice tracks on there to