IMS party @ Dalt Vila


Fun enough as a way to start your holiday but more like a festival than the normal Ibiza vibe. Location is amazing but there are too many people to be able to get to the front and dance and drinks don't match the price tag. I went last year, I am glad I did but given the choice I would just have dinner and drinks in Ibiza town instead.


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I think it's a party you need to do at least once, if only for the location. Line-ups have been sullied by B2B mania in recent years. I found the drinks reasonably priced to the clubs - especially if you're drinking beer and Hierbas.


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Lineups are booked to look impressive, not for musical quality as you‘ll end up with much too short sets. And when you‘re on the dancefloor between all the people it‘s an open air stage like any other, you can‘t see the difference or the beautiful surroundings.


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Drinks are quite a bit cheaper but the bars are, understandably, VERY busy, even the VIP one for IMS delegates.

I didn't tell you this but there are usually people selling cans of beer and water outside the area for a lot less.