imagine...armin 8hrs solo at armada, 12.08.08


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it's that time of the year again! like last summer, armin van buuren played another "solo" at his own armada night at amnesia this tuesday. it's already a few days ago, but the memories of that night remain very clear...

we arrived at amnesia at around 1:30am. due to the new opening times, armin already had been playing for 2.5hrs then (from 11pm onwards) and the main floor was the busiest i've ever seen at any armada night. armin was in top form and he delivered a great set including many up-to-date trance tracks, some proggy stuff, even some housey tracks (toca's miracle for example) and some more banging beats. everyone in there had a briliant time and the hours flew by. i know it almost sounds the same as the review from last year, but i can't help it - it just was like this!!! :D

we also wandered over to the terrace to see how contact is doing. that was around 4am and the terrace was nicely busy. great music from kurd maverick then and also mark night delivered a stormer of a set!

but back to the main room, big cheers from everyone when AvB dropped southern sun at around 6:30am. and then, as an encore, armin dropped the original version of greece2000. but, as it was almost 7am already, after just a few beats (and the whole crowd going mad in anticipation), the music was cut off again. that was a bit of a downer, but still, everyone was cheering to another great solo from armin here in ibiza...
sounds like a nightmare at the end lol ... i would have been well gutted, what a tune :)

sounds like Armin is still at his best then - when is his next solo set ?
I've been there too, indeed a great party!

The terrace was also good (house is my first love after all) so i lost myself in there for some hours! :)

The winning formula for those who have 2 Tuesdays in thier vacation: give 1 to Cox @ Space and another to Armada @ Amnesia... that's what i'm always doing!

Will definetly go back to Armada next year!

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greece2000 seems to be the favorite trance@cream closer right now
pvd apparently dropped a couple of times this season as last track, too

we´re flying out on the 18th, too bad Armada closing is already on the 16th :(
but at least we´ll catch the cream closing