im reall worried about money!!!Help!!!!



guys i go to ibiza in two weeks and i only have £600 saved up-possibly scrape about another£200 together by then so all i have is £800!!!

how the hell am i gonna manage on that?

please help guys,any tips for still having a great time without spending a fortune?

how much dya reckon these clubs will cost to get in:
dave pearce@eden

these are the night ide like to go to but i guess this takes up much of my budget eh

isn't it a real shame that £800 might not be enough to have a good time :eek:

you should be ok to go to them nights but what about food, water etc

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Dont Panic! Im only taking £250 away with me!!!!! for 2weeks! Think youve got it bad!!!(all inclusive though!) I fly out in 10days and have my £300 phone bill to pay yet!!!! Best way is to buy meat and cheese and bread from the supermacardo's!!! very cheap! and buy in bulk!! Spend your money going out! Eat in to save money or hook up with someone in an all inclusive hotel and get them to treat you to snacks and drinks!!!! Water is very important on the Island especially if your out all night! Drink loads of it!!!!!!
well i suppose i feel a bit better now.last year i managed on £600 but didnt really do any big nights.

dya know if you can buy tickets online for any of the clubs prior to going??

if so then i could speak nicely to daddy and he could pay using his visa card,now that is an idea!
You'll easy manage on that pal. It's only the well known clubs and bars that charge a fortune. Take in some other bars and stick to spanish drinks(they are cheaper) and you'll be okay. Another tip: always ask how much your drink will be before you order it coz sometimes the bar staff will try it on. This happens a lot on the sunset strip. 8)
i fly in 2 weeks and ive only got 600 at the moment. im planning on taking enough for £60 a day (two weeks). have one night on one night off. on your night off the money you dont spend will go towards your next night in a club. Jobs a good one :)

Unless you got a £100 a day coke addiction then you might be a bit short!!
Don't worry-you'll be fine. I took 800 with me the first year I went(2001), and it was enough. Fair enough-didnt drink in the clubs or expensive bars much. Use the supermarkets-very cheap! :D Tended to not need much food either-slept through breakfast and lunch-just had one meal a day.

If you watch what you spend when your out-you won't have a problem.
kc money

i am in the same boat

have £800 for 2 weeks.

first i would give judgement sunday a miss. as for the money their are a lot of better nights.

you my have to result to a coule of easy nights you know couple of drink watch the sun set and chill that should give extra for the good club nights.
I took £600 for two weeks last year and had a grand old time with loads of great meals and three mad club nights. However, I don't really drink in the clubs which saved a bomb.
Don't worry, you will be fine with £800. Last year I spent just over £400 in a week. We went to big nights, just didn't drink much once in the club. You can eat really cheaply over there and get cheap booze out of the supermarket and drink before you go out. We still had a great time without spending loads. Think I'm taking £900 for 2 weeks this year but I may not spend it all. Enjoy your holiday.
You'll be fine on that!

Just be a bit sensible, and think about what your spending your money on.

If you have the gift of the gabb and enough confidence you may be able to blag yourself some guestlist's, but like I say, you need to be confident.

Try and find supermarkets that are not in a tourist area, so you don't end up paying tourist prices for food.

Get some bus timetables, and plan most of your journeys by bus, to save on Taxi fares.

Talk to the PR peeps, and get flyers, because they usually carry reduced entry of a free drink etc etc

Don't buy drinks in the clubs, go for drinks before hand. It may be tacky, but you can get some good offers on drinks and cocktails in the west end.

When watching the sunset, don't buy drinks from any of the sunset cafe's, buy some sangrea or san miguel from the supermarket and sit on the beach in front of the cafe's!!

It can be done easily, and you'll have a wicked time :D :D
Mate £800 will do you easily.....I had £400 my first time and had a blinder then I when I went back in 2001 we we had 5 big nights out and also had a top of the range motor to cruise around in for 4 days.......average ticket for a club will be say£20-30 quid and maybe £30 on drinks just to top u up on the loadsa cheap drinks u had b4 hand(if thats how u do things? ;) ).
I know alot of people here are not big on the west end but u can blag them buy one get 1 free tickets etc.....last time I went me and my fioncee got hammered for around £6!!!!!!!!.....that was 2 large red bull and vods...2 peach snapps and 2 shots each.......but then again we are not heavy drinkers....the music/people and vibe was my main thang and thats where I thought £25+for the big nights was well worth it......

I'll hush ma boat now......adios dude and have a good'un :lol:
In actual fact you will probably be okay just have to budget well. It's very easy to spend a lot of cash in ibiza but if if you are careful it can be done on the cheap. Obviously not a lot you can do about the ticket prices but many other things can be saved on. Find somewhere that does good food for a good price rather than pay over the odds for location. Spend the day on the beach with afew supermarket San Migels rather than at some chic beach bar throwing €'s in the till. Drink what you want before the club. If it's water you are after make sure you drink enough before you go in that you are not thirsty. Although you shouln'd drink more than a bottle an hour, if you are thirsty to start with, you are already dehydrated and you will want the drink more than you can absorb. This will have you thirsty all night and getting thru a lot of cash If you really want to save cash, stash a 5 litre bottle in you car or somewhere hidden then go out and drink your fill from time to time. Be sure you don't get caught tough, you don't need the paranoia of "did the bouncers find it and put something nasty in it???", LOL or indeed to not be let back in! Use it to re fill a smaller bottle if you can. Best not to do this every other bottle and make sure you have cash for water left rather than rely on it being there.

And plan what nights you are going to do and make the most the ones you really want. It's hard to strike a ballance between skimping on a night and then regretting it or wasting cash that you could have used for 1 extra club night.