I'm finally content...


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... because the postman delivered my 12' copy of David Guetta - Just a little more love (wally lopez) this morning, its been a long hard wait to finally get this little beauty on vinyl for a reasonable price! I've fallen in love with it all over again!

Ahhh, what a great summer it was! :D

Has anyone else experienced this kind of anticipation over a new tune?!
Tunee i have had it a while still awesome and sounding so good
Its not a bad tune but i think the vocal doesnt quite suit the backing. The last big anticipation i had for getting my mutts on a tune was

Dino Lenny Vs the Housemartins - Change the World

and that was a loong time ago. I guess i was pretty chuffed when i got the skin faithfulness remixes too. One i'm lookin forward to is when blackhole release tiesto's remix of adagio for strings.... Nov 1st i think.