I'm an Ibiza Virgin - helllllllllllppppppppp!!!



I'm going to be staying in Playa d'en Bossa from Sept 5th for a week and was wondering where's the best places to go out there?
I've printed out the club listings from this site and can't wait to see Groove Armada in Space on Sunday morning which should be a highlight.
I'm big into all kinds of music not just dance music but don't like (for the want of a better word) crap dance music that has no tune or anything.. I like house and techno and wonder where I'd go to find the best of both.

Also, on the site it says that admission prices into the clubs depend on time of year.. based on this how much would I expect to pay into the top clubs? Would they all be more or less the same price and are closing parties more expensive? How much is pints in clubs?
I wish I could go back again this year.

Club wise I would say that you should defo go to Pacha one night. They have good nights most nights of the week this year. I went to Ministry on Thursday which was really good, but did Subliminal & Underwater last year (which are on Wednesday and Tuesday this year) and they are fab also.

I went to Hed Kandi this year, which is very funky/disco house and is a great party.

From memery last year in September the entry prices were a little cheaper - maybe 30-35 E ? I'm not sure if the closing parties are more.

Unforunately drinks prices are the big downer in Ibiza - expect to pay 6-8 E for a bottle of water, 8-10 for a bee and 10-12 for a spirit and mixer.

Enjoy!!!! :D :D :D