illegal Parties


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I'm sure this has been recently covered but i couldn't find it when i searched.

Illegal 'raves' have become alot more common of late and as i'm 30 i remember all the M25 acid house parties of the late 80's.

I'm looking to try and find some local(ish) illegal parties as the vibe is usually much beter than clubs and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction. phone no's, websites, flyers etc. I live in North west london so am looking for the raves in the south east.

Try ..

Not sure about the South East .. and depends what type of music you are into .. I know of a fairly regular rave that goes on around Peterborough ish area - House music.

Try and get on a mailing list that gives you a list of weekly parties .. Have deleted mine now but as soon as I get my new on at the end of this week I will post it here.
not too sure whether pulse 8 are still going they are normally up the a12 in the essex area,ill let you know,my mate has a number for some raves in the norwich area