IIO Tune!


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Who likes 'At the end' by iio-absolutely loving that track at the moment :) :)

The vocal sounds wicked, just like it did on 'Rapture'
The Scumfrog remix is by far the best! Superb track! :)

Sasha dropped it at manumission last year but it was the original
Didnt know it had been about for that long, absolutely loving it though.

Seems to be getting played a lot at the moment, just love iio :)

That girls voice is wicked!
Its weird- I dont really rave about their original tracks, but the remixes are pure class! U Need to check out that Scumfrog mix mate :p
Yeah tend to prefer the mixes to. Think its just the quality vocal that normally attracts me to the original.

Do you like Chamonix, think its '77 Strings'? Think it was just an instrumental last year but now has a vocal. The original video was Fatboy Slim at the beach last summer..... Really liking the track :)
Ill have to listen to it first! I used to be really good on tracks, now all I do is get mashed and scream when 'that track I love' comes on.
that song has been out for about a year now??? although it is a really good track
Do you mean '77 Strings'? Yeah it has been out for about a year, but i think the vocal is pretty new. The original video for it was Fatboy at the Beach last year(you know when around a quarter of a million people turned up).
It's a good tune for sure. Did any of you hear last years radio1 essential mix from Priv? Sasha plays it near the start and it blows the doors off! How does he make any given track sound twice as good? PM me if you want a copy of the mix.
I have a copy of the mix- and was there.

I didnt even get onto the track when I was there tho! - It was prob due to the sound in priviledge (not good) or/and my pissed up state of mind!
You can find a sample of '77 Strings'(how did you know) on htfr.com. Type in chamonix in the search and click on 'how did you know'

Tell me what you think :)