iio Rapture



Sep 2001 closing party in manimission, this track was played as the lights went down, it was quality I just feel in love with that track then, even now it just takes me back to the nite, pity bout manumission now, that was my first time so I thought it was quality.
See yous all sep19-26 2003
;) ;) ;)
Howie said:
i remember seb playing it out in ibiza!

a class tune!

I think its Seb that played it the first time I heard it too - I still listen to it now and again - It's one of those tunes that when I hear it, the memories come flooding back...

Another tune (I know, it totally went all commercial n that) - most people will no doubt take the piss for me saying this but I still really like PPK's ResuRection from '01 - I remember hearing this and Iio's Rapture on the beach @ Mambos - brilliant
yeah, there are those tunes that are good in clubs but then get a commercial release and are just rubbish then, but there are cases when an "underground" tune gets released commercially and it is still respected in the clubs, iio - rapture is one of those tunes! :) its just excellence defined!
Rapture totally reminds me of my holiday to Ibiza in September 2001, I hate the radio mix but the Stephane K and Creamer mix is lush :D
Agreed - class tune.

Regularly stick in on me decks when I get home from work to chill out.