If you opened a club in Ibiza, what would it be like?



Having seen that a lot of you would like to open a bar or even a club in Ibiza (including me ;) ), I was wondering what it would look like for you, if you had the opportunity to open such a club? Where would your club be? Which residencies (dj nights? label night?) would you like to have?
I'm looking forward to your ideas :D
The complete opposite of Eden ;). Seriously though It'd have to have a Space-style outdoor terrace coupled with an Amnesia-style interior.
mine would be a coffee shop that sells cake etc during the day, then when it comes to about 8ish i would change it into a bar, play some chilled stuff then about midnightish i would have house djs there.

it would be in ibiza town
my club would be designed as an old farm house with a big huuuuugggge barn as the main dance floor. I would also have all the security to be little people (i dont say midgets cause i dont think its fair to compare these vertically challenged individuals to a hard jelly sweet, they are much more beautiful than that). There would be monkeys dancing on podiums, a duck pond, and my grandma baking assorted cakes which you can only have after you have completed a variety of tasks. The chill out room will be next to the duck pond where you can play with spinning tops and a variety of childrens games.
i let you all decide what other amazing facilities we'll have or what events to hold, because we're such an amazing club we'd like to give something back to our fellow clubbers
hurrah!! :D
4 ingredients to a successful Ibiza club:

1. atmosphere/decor/crowd
2. D.J's
3. Soundsystem
4. Location
5. PR, PR, PR, PR
Lele said:
Having seen that a lot of you would like to open a bar or even a club in Ibiza (including me ;) ), I was wondering what it would look like for you, if you had the opportunity to open such a club? Where would your club be? Which residencies (dj nights? label night?) would you like to have?
I'm looking forward to your ideas :D

Lele you ask some damn good random questions, I like it :D

I would just have a Space but better, the inside would be a lot nicer, ie. I wouldn't be scared of it lol but more friendly.............inside of Space reminds me of 1980s disco :eek: Terrace can stay virtually as is, I'm sure the owners of Space will be glad to hear they have my approval lol :p

And when I have this club with nice fancy inside and funking cool terrace.................my residents will be Oakie, Danny T and Erick LOL!!!!

Oakie will always play inside, Erick outside but Danny T will altenate between the both, depending on his mood :p

Oh I love living in my Barbie Bint Dream World :p ;)
Good luck with that allstar lineup Barbie.

I think the other clubs would freak out if you had resident DJs like that. Anyway I think opening a club would definitely be very cool, but I'd be much more interested in opening up a sunset bar or Bora Bora type place for everyone to relax or pregame at before heading off to the real clubs.

Though if I did have Danny T as a resident I'd have a club open in a second...with an extremely large terrace offering a great water view complete with waterfalls and a stream.

The club would be called 12, don't ask why I just thought it up right now.

My club would be on top of the cliff on Las Salinas looking North (facing 12 on a clock) towards Playa Den Bossa / Ibiza town way. Strictly house and techno, none of the trance or hard house shite those youngsters listen to nowadays.

The doors open at 3pm every day except Sundays (we're closed then, gone to We Love Sundays @ Space), and the doors close at 9am, apart from on a Friday where we open at 3pm and don't close the doors until Sunday 9am.

Both the main room and terrace would play the same music generally, lighter through the day, heavier the later it gets. The terrace has 12 hidden balconies which seat 12 people on 12 relaxing chairs.

My 12 residents (6 inside, 6 on the terrace) would be be housewise Derrick Carter, Junior Sanchez, DJ Falcon, Thomas Bangalter, Cassius and Bob Sinclar. Whilst the technoists would be Carl Cox, Misstress Barbara, Umek, Oxia, Marco Bailey and Mr C.
My club would be devoted to many things such as a popart-style room offering all kinds of temporary art exhibitions whilst people were trying special coktails with ambient music and large comfortable sofas, another one for avant-gardist theater performances, a big inner room for techno and elektro, dark, with a very powerful sound system and lights predominantly blue, with a big dry ice cannon; and a terrace on the roof for house, with shaded parts and other ones under the sun, with some stands and levels and even a little but leafy garden and with big water sprays to refresh the people in hot days.

The reason why I would set up art exhibitions and performances is that this way I would obtain license for nearly 24-7 (except short times each day to clean up the club and one day to rest).

It could sound weird but I've heard some promoters and club owners in Spain are talking about this to find a way around time restrictions.

My residents would be Jose Padilla for the art room, Laurent Garnier + Kevin Saunderson + Cristian Varela + Nacho Marco + Ricardo Villalobos at the inner room, and Steve Lawler + Sasha + Satoshi Tomiie + Djs Chus & Ceballos + DJ Mar T on the terrace.
the location would be in san an that steel structure almost next to eden.

it would be a massive club with the best sound system

it would have a pool on the roof and a pool party playing chilled funky beats during the day.

at night inside will be like industrial looking in one room futuristic with the best ligting in another room

and the 3rd room a cheesy disco room that looked like somthong out of austin powers playing like 70's music called

the terrace (rooff) sunset pre parties and at night would have funky beats with laylo and bushwacker doing a regular set

industrial would be hard house and trance with resident ray davies guests lisa lashes and dave pearce..

futuristic would be promoters room with various promoters each night like garlands pure pacha etc (only the best )

the cheesy disco room would be tony blackburn !!

i just think the place would be a hit

the roof terrace open all day and night free entry till 11pm

then only 10 euros a noght entry with loads of drinks offers and a very resanoble priced bar all night closing at about 6.30 - 7
also in the futuristic room would be live gigs from laylo and bushwacker faithless and basement jaxx and the chemical brothers etc !!!!!

the club would be called Insomnia!
I get a big terrace, pos close to a beach, that would hold about 2000 people, wouldnt charge a penny, music would play til 12 then you'd have the huge bar inside to continue. I would hire famous dj's, just get them for free by promoting their nights..

i'd also like to far from everyother bar :D
Mine would be in the hills and be sooooooooo cool no one knew it was there ;)
Alicia said:
gecko2 I would def be a regular in your club :D

Cheers, have an imaginary drink at my club on me! :p You can be on the imaginary guestlist too.

As Thomas Bangalter is stopping dj'ing for a while I'll have to get Francois K on the residents roster instead. ;)