If u want an explosive drink with me, then............

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Meet me or my mate in the "Garden of Edan"..small pub next to EDAN

where there all summer workin so if any one is passin ask for DIARMUID or if i'm not there RORY and he'll sort u out with a bubble gum slammer...it'll knock the socks off ya

cheers peeps

PS This is not a promo...just two hardcore clubbers lookin to meet all the cool people form this forum for a drink and maybe friendship :D ....we dont need to stay in that dump edan either

sounds good to me ginge.. heading out from dublin on 25th, oooohhh less than 2 weeks to go! :lol:

im sure ill giv ye a shout!

i luv my cocktails, make mine a large!!!
Ill surely give you a shout ginge!!

Where you from in Ireland. Im from Belfast!!
From way down south in Sunny Cork!!!!
Just over in the white Isle for the summer
Hopefully goin back in a couple months to put some weight back on me!!!!

Jees I miss me ma :oops:

Hope to see ya soon
Rory. ;)
how do you pronounce that DIARMUID so i do look a complete plonker when we pop in at end of month? :oops:
Dear - mid lol

Myself and Rory are lookin forward to some mad nights with ye all!!!! :D
Diarmuid, Im flying out tomorrow, so Ill give ye a shout either Saturday for Dave Pearce or Sunday for the Judge!!!

See ye there!!!

By the way my names Steve
cant wait to see u wetfarm..would recomend Jules on Sunday..much better

By the way i've just got a smack from Rory...I spelt EDEN WRONG sorry (Shame on me)

anybody who took any notice of this thread erase it from your memory

because I got sense and left the dump...sorry for any inconvienience caused :oops:
ya can't back out now irishheadbutnotginge you've promised us all :lol: