If i was in ibiza again i wish i........



what did you not do in ibiza that you really wish you had of done??
I wish I'd gone to Space................

I'm going again on 3rd September and I will fulfill my dream!!!
buy a

one of those apartments in the coastline cafe block, would have loved that
think their about £250k.

as for normal choice have not done space yet...so guess i can get that one crossed of the list this year
gone to sccool disco. at eden
made out with that Italian transexual i saw at Amnesia
swam the perimiter of the island
p-issed in the foam at es paradis
eaten at KFC in San An
drunk champagne at Pacha

regrets, I've had a few.......
I want to be the only person stood fully clothed in thick jumper, trousers, wellies, scarf, bobble hat and skiing mask on the middle of a nudist beach. :lol:
Mark Sun said:
I've missed DC10 2 years running and won't make the same mistake this time!

Same here, last year i was too funked and the year before we couldn't change any money after Space.


It will happen.

Take a day trip to Formentera.

Do DC10.

Try and get a wee bit sun.

Meet more people.
Aaron said:

Take a day trip to Formentera.

Go, you won't be dissapointed.

The beaches are amazing 8)

Be warned though, it seems much hotter than the Ibiza and the sea air on the way over really makes you burn :confused: