If I had to choose



should I stay in Ibiza Town area or San Antonio area???

I'm into partying all night non stop and amazing beaches with soccer basketball etc, plus a gym near by since I'm there for a month.

Also do you think it's possible for me and a mate to go to a hotel offer them 1500Euros (ballpark) for 29 nights in their apart-hotel?
Obviously not the best apartment but something livable!
neither....u should stay in playa d'en bossa....specifically jet apts cuz its on the beach, next to space, and theres a gym next to it.

-the bloke
Could I get a good deal at Jet appartments for a month???

Playa d'en Bossa it is then!
a month in rented accommodation like jet even though is is quite cheap is gonna be pretty expensive
i would go for a cheap appartment then!
look on this site
loads to investigate!
Don't get a pad and just act like a complete slapper for the duration, good theory as you will work harder for your bed for the night, meet some nice people and have rampant sex all the time to boot!

Hmm, maybe I am to shallow!
Well yes, but at what point would panic set in if things were not going well?

As an Old Uni mate of mine use to say - "If at first you don't succeed - lower your standards" - good philosophy perhaps but some of the sights he disappeared with were franky scary!
well i dunno about lowering your standards
aim high!!
but going home with scary birds/blokes for somewhere to kip, well each to their own

girls would be called the dirty slappers

guys would be the geezers

its all so political
Yep, crazy world of politics!!!

All blokes are slappers anyway (I can speak for most of us on that front I beliebe)!!!!

Incidentally - Although everyone looks at a Ferrari and says wow! - They're expensive, tempremental and don't offer the best ride!

If you see what I mean!

(although a Skoda is still a Skoda! :lol: :lol: )
i see exactly what you mean! ;) ;)

nice explanantion toffer!!

gotta go peeps, 30 mins to do some work then i'm outta here

speak to all tomorrow!

I would like to find a cheaper apartment

I have SCOURED this entire site, know of any cheap apartments?

I just wanna go there offer them a wack load of cash for 29 nights and have a kitchen and stove and a place for me and my mate to crash

Other than that I really don't care cause it's going to be MELE!!

E-mail me if you're there anytime between June 15-July 14
We'll be at the club
on the beach
playing soccer
playing basketball
workin out
you name it