idea's for during the day



the past 3 yrs i have been going to ibiza.during the day i have just been lying about during the day doing nothing but this year i want to see different parts of the island so any suggestions as to what to do during the day
yes, definitely hire a car -- you'd be able to tour the island and get a different perspective on the island.
or do one of those day trips, this year im gonna be a bit more sensible and me and my boyfriend are gonna take a boat trip to formentera island, and little things like that!
lay off the mopeds babe, they're for 18yr old nutters only. The car's in ibiza come with a built in 'moped blind spot' especially for tourists.

As for during the day, go north into the hills, go to the caves, visit the villiages of San Josep, San Juan, Jesus, San Augustine, hippy market at Las Dalias, Formentera, off the top of me 'ead.

Check out the main site or get a copy of the rough guide to ibiza which is highly recommended.
boat trip

tray out the boat trips to the other beachs or formentera island.
I've been to Ibiza 5 times now and I'm ashamed to admit I've not got out and about much in the past. This year we have hired a car and one of the things I'm most looking forward to is seeing the whole of the island.
def doing formentara this year with the man!
have always had a car in ibiza, don't like being restricted to one beach
always try to go to diff beach every day (except salinas as my fav!)
soooooooo worth it, some of the different beaches are just beautiful
full of the best type of people!

:D :lol:
Or hire jet skis - but haggle with the guy in charge to see if you can pay him a certain amount for an hour cuz the usual 15 minutes is nowhere near enough - great fun :D 8) :D
if you like horses, go horsebackriding on the beach....or visit some of the beautiful caves up north - these things are def. on my to-do list - and also: driving around to spot beautiful houses! :p
Hiring a car was the best thing we could have done. We drove round almost the whole of the island in one day, stopping at some of the most gorgeous secluded beaches along the way. The only one mistake was the beach near the salt pans......i have never seen so many naked germans in all my life! Was (almost) enough to put me off my dinner that night :lol: