Id 2 Tunes


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I'm searching the title, artist of 2 Tunes:

1. Lyrics: " I can fix...while I can do it in the mix..."
a little bit like Indeep's A DJ save my Life and the voice sounds like Prince.

2. Lyrics: "lightning of the Sound what you gone..."???

I heart them at BoraBora very often...

thanks for your help
Track 1

Ok, the original sampe Is, as you say, a take from In Deep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. The track, if it wasnt that one, was most probably the fantastic Kylie Minogue - Love at First Night (Kid Creme Remix). I heard this at BB a few times. Loved it! Its got loads of very funky loops and swirls with the Kylie vocals sampled in a vocoder-y style, similar (but not as good IMO) to his remix of At night

Or it could be Robert Owens - Last night a DJ Blew my Mind, this is more similar to the in deep original, but with slight difference in the vocal, and Robert Owens sings at a higher tone.

Or (even longer shot) it could be BJ - Last night a dj saved my life. This is a bootleg of last years excellent white label Billie Jean (Billie Bushwacka! remix), with the vocals of said In deep tune instead.

Track 2

Not at all sure on this one.

Check to see if it isnt Octave One - BlackWater or Cassius - Sounds Of Violence.

A slim chance it could be Static Avenger (of Get Down (Happy People) fame and his absolutely wicked new tune (mark my words, remember where you heard it first!!!) Long Time
See if you can remember any more info on it!!