ice this morning


the hill on my way out my street - 100% black ice
my car became a contestant on Strictly Top Gear on Ice
nudged 1 car
several other cars abandoned for over an hour and a half till council workers gritted it using shovels!

just as well i pay my council tax or......


we had a huge hailstorm here and most of the north had snow:

santa eulalia beach this morning:

i thought this thread was about a pipe & some over indulgent party antics.....
ohhh well, carry on then.....:lol:

(btw; it was a lurvely 26degrees 2day in melbourne!);)
this is santa eulalia beach today - its a gorgeous sunny, warm cloudless day... you'd never believe it snowed and hailstormed yesterday...

I have had the chronic P taken out of me at work today when I said I poured boiling water on my iced up windscreen :spank::lol::lol:
depends on how you define "near" ;)

i guess the mouth of the river is about 3/400 yards away looking behind from where i took the photo