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Here’s my review from our second trip to ibiza this summer…

Wednesday July 22

We arrived at ibiza at noontime, got a cab to pdb and installed ourselves in our house. The frist thing I noticed is that it was really hot!!! Then we went to do some shopping, food and drinks basically, got back to ours, had lunch and then took a dive in the sea.

We both were quite tired because of the days before arrival so we did a huge siesta then. In the evening, we drove into town to have an ice cream and then drove to amnesia for la troya. We arrived there at 2am and the terrace was already really busy. the inside as well (where the foam party was happening later). We stayed on the terrace all night and by 3am, the terrace was full. I had been tempted to see how la troya will be back at amnesia and I just can say it suits the terrace ten times better than the new terrace at space. Amnesia terrace is much better for the shows because of it’s high ceiling, that airy feeling is just great for doing shows. And the shows were cool! One thing that surprised me right away when we ordered our first drink was the fact we got plastic cups. My first thought was “great!” and I even asked how they’re dealing it with bottles and they told me, even beers will be poured in cups from the bottles. I thought “great” again! But then, they told me this is only happening on Wednesdays and Sundays when espuma (the foam party) is happening in the main room. Alright. The music was OK all night, quite commercial and a loooooot of classics. There was a house version of “let the sunshine in” (from the musical HAIR). The sound was a bit obvious and predictable but people loved it and the party had a great vibe. We also had a drink with jeff mourmans, who’s a really nice and funny guy. People slowly started to leave after 5am, but there were many staying right trough the end as we did, which was at 7am. Then back home!

Thursday, July 23

Well we went home after 7am but only went to sleep at 11am in the end…which meant we slept almost all Thursday and only got up at circa 6pm. it took us a while to start our engines but in the end we finally got up from our beds.

We enjoyed a very warm evening and drove into town around 11pm. there, we went to surprise our friends at Tentazione (we didn’t inform anyone we’d come to ibiza for a few days), where we had dinner. I had told you about that new restaurant already in my june review, so I’m not going to bang on about them again, just a few things: their terrace is open now, they’ve enlarged their menu and they’re doing well so far! And our food was delicious again.

The original plan was to go privilege for monza, but we just were too tired still and so we called it a day after dinner and went back home!

Friday July 24

Slept till noon again (yes it definitely was a relaxing holiday this time!), then got up, drove south-west to the es cubells region, went to have a look at the drifting houses at pueblo vista alegre (although you can’t really access the place anymore, it’s all fenced off), had a look at the menu at both es xarcu and es torrent (both very well known and pricey fish restaurants – maybe another time) and finally drove to cala d’hort where we settled down for some beach life and a great paella at el Carmen. Originally we wanted to try es boldado again, but we didn’t have enough cash with us and EB does not accept credit cards so we chose el Carmen again – which is always a good choice IMO.

In the evening we stopped by at ushuaïa to find it really quiet. There was no special event taking place today and so there was nothing going on. Still, the place is cool and is a hotspot for Sunday evenings. Then we drove north to the san lorenzo area and had dinner in Balafia. I just love love love that place. So simple. So deliciously grilled meat. So cosy. And so reasonably priced!

Again, no stamina for clubbing afterwards (am I getting old? Or is it just the fact we were not tempted by ANY party at all?) so back home.

Saturday July 25

Another late start. Today it was a bit less hot (finally!) and quite windy. We relaxed all day around the house and went for a nice walk late afternoon on the beach (at pdb). Later, we drove to cap d’es falco, where a wedding was happening and the place was closed for public. They’re doing a lot of weddings there these days!

So in the evening, we drove to gala night to have a look at the zoo project. Already when we arrived there, I noticed I had never seen the parking lot so packed! And when we got in (9:30pm circa, really late), we were lucky I knew someone at the door because they didn’t let anyone in anymore for a while as it seemed.
As I don’t know both sides of the story about “Zoo project Vs. As One” I won’t comment this (even though even I must say things didn’t sound nice). BUT, seeing how the zoo project crew evolved their party from 2007 to 2008 and now to 2009 I really think they did well. In the past two years, I have been there on many many Saturdays and have seen it growing bigger from party to party. And now with dc10 being closed and basically being the only open air venue left AND daytime, they’re having an USP!!! The problem now beginning is the neighbours’ complaints (see the “san an change” thread for that).
Anyway, I had never seen gala night that busy before, all three floors were really busy and people mingling and minxing around everywhere between the floors. Again, loads of people in fancy dresses and the fireshows are as good as ever. The music was good as well (nothing groundbreaking though) and we stayed until the outdoor bits closed at 12am. We even had a look in the inside bit which opened then, which didn’t look too bad either. We then called it a night because we knew we had to get up early-ish the next day.

Sunday July 26

We got up at 8am (wow!), packed a few things together, walked to the ferry pier at the start of playa d’en bossa and took the ferry over to formentera. There, we hired a cool red Vespa motorbike (I own exactly such one for a few months now and love it!) and went exploring formentera again. My last proper visit to formentera was in 2007 so it was about time! first we drove to mitjorn beach where we left our luggage in the hotel we had booked for one night. Then we drove to the far de la mola lighthouse, drove back to es calo, had another tasty paella at playa mitjorn (where we went swimming as well, of course). Then continued to blue bar, onwards to far de barbaria, the other lighthouse at the southernmost point of formentera. Evening came then, we drove to cala saona for some great views and ended up in Illetas for the sunset (really nice and not as busy anymore as during the day!). there we had a sundowner at el Tiburon. What an active day this was! Then we got hungry again. So we drove back to Es Pujols where we went to a brand new place called Chez Rizzi (or similar, I really am not too sure about the word after “Chez”). The place looks really nice and the prices are absolutely ok (especially for Formentera) and also the food looks good but in the end we were a bit disappointed with the quality. Well maybe give them another season and also the food will taste as good as everything looks!
After that, we drove back to Playa Mitjorn and went to sleep.

Monday July 27

We got up quite early again, just to not miss the breakfast in the hotel. Then packed our stuff together again, drove back to La Savina, dropped off our Vespa and took the ferry back to Ibiza, to Ibiza town this time. there, we repeated breakfast at Hostal del Parque in Plaza de Parque (hey grego, next time you’re invited for coffe, just stop by tio!!!). then off to the airport and back home…


A really different ibiza holiday for us this time. very little clubbing, a lot of relaxation and less active than normal. Formentera is great and full of Italians (I knew that). next time I go, I wanna go for two or three nights, so we can explore and chill more.

Is ibiza feeling the recession? Oh yes. You can see it clearly when you look around. But come on, where in Europe don’t you feel the recession???

Is it less busy? yes, as well. But not a lot. And the next few weeks will be very busy as every year.

And the parties? well, the mighty ones (tiesto, supermartxe, cocoon, FMIF) are striking again and seem stronger than ever. Then, there are many parties having lower numbers than previous years. And look at how many parties have been cancelled lately.

Why is this? the island is not THAT quiet. The reason I got from my friends living and working down there is one simple fact: people go out less! Instead of going to 5 parties (in a 7 nights holiday), they might do 2 or 3. and of course, if you go out less, you pick just the best parties…sounds logical to me.

And the music? Well the music is great this year. We didn’t hit any extraordinarily good parties during this holiday in july, but the stuff I had heard in june and at lovefamilypark in frakfurt in july was great. It’s all house again in a way, no? deep house or tech house (and the funky one on cocoon terrace :)). But the thing missing this summer is really the big, obvious and commercial hits that you hear EVERYWHERE, from the parties to the bars to the supermarkets – yes, such as man with the red face and toca’s miracle etc. where are these tunes this year? I am not a fond fan of such tracks, but they definitely contribute to the soundtrack of a summer! So?

Well then, I’ll be back for the closings (and with a lot of clubbing stamina again) – I hope they’re not going to move ALL closing parties one week earlier!

Ps – McR – nos vemos a finales de septiembre, vale?
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la mezcla is played out a lot, but hasn't got the potential for a real tune of the summer IMO.

leave the world behind - maybe. (i personally don't like it, but that's not the point)
there, we repeated breakfast at Hostal del Parque in Plaza de Parque (hey grego, next time you’re invited for coffe, just stop by tio!!!). then off to the airport and back home…[/FONT]

for the record, i saw you walking to get the coffee not actually having it. of course, if i'd seen you sitting there watching plaza del parque go by, then i'd have come joined you.

see you in september, when my dancing shoes come out....:D
fat phil b: well, october 3rd as long as no other news appear. i'll be there, amnesia closing was easily the best party of the summer for the last two years.

McR: muy bien!

grego: aaah, alright. nevermind tio, you're invited for a nice drink during the closings (sure we all are going to put on our nike air marathon shoes in late september :D )

eranski: well, i'll be there!