Ibz 17th Sept to 22nd Sept 2009


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traveling out on the above dates and looking to meet up with like minded people, please feel free to contact me and arrange a meet up :)

I’ve been trying to confirming a booking with my friends to party for a week around 17/9 until 24/9 but we still have not booked – ‘panic’….. Time is running out.
I’m thinking of going alone but only if I can arrange a few meet ups because I don’t like the idea of going out for a meals or bars on my own – conversation gets boring between me & myself! :rolleyes:
I noticed you’re from London, I work in London & my Venue is an hour north of London http://www.myspace.com/Raye_Suffolk
My itinerary ‘as per the last few year’s in Ibiza’, starts at 9pm a few pre meals drinks, a meal somewhere until 11pm, more drinks and hit the clubs until kick out at 7am - do it all again the next night, after a few strong coffee’s on the beach.

What’s your situation? – Where are you booked etc….
HI all, i am coming to Ibiza 16-19 staying in San Antonio alone, i hate going to club alone so its will be great if we go together.