Ibizia Virgins


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Couple of 24yr old aussie lads are heading to ibiza for the first time in Sept.....

just want to know the best hotel to stay at for us....looking for somewhere lively, near the parties, etc

the most lively place the better

thanks everyone!!!
I'd suggest staying in San Antonio then. San An Bay is great as long as your at the end closest to the town as some hotels in the Bay are a bit far out, hotels at the closer end of town are Bellamar, Hawaii, Osiris. Then in the main centre of San An you've got Hotel Pacific, Arenal, Ses Savines, Ibiza Rocks, take a look on the hotel pages here and see what takes your fancy, have a wicked time ;-)
depends when in september you are planning on visiting, the later in september san an starts to resemble a *(bit of a) ghost town and i'd recommend stopping in Ibiza Town or PDB
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