Ibiza's best kept secret.....



......Undergroud! last year i kept hearing about this place but never thought to go check it out. This year i went on thurs 14th. It was a top night, the music was funky/tribal house with a cool international crowd and many workers enjoying this FREE night.....Definetly one to check out.
its really good there - Mr Cs night rocked!

wish we'd went a couple of more times

Free! as well - tho i cannot see this lasting
It definetly wont stay free for long.....Just like DC-10, that used to be free aswell!!
Alex Williams said:
naddyz said:
Where is it?

On the road between Privilege & Amnesia :)


Privilege is opposite (almost) Amnesia on the main San An to Ibiza Town road :?:

Unless you mean the little track that leads to Privilege from the main road?
It's on the amnesia side, about 1km further away from ibiza town.

Oh and it's ace. I was there three thursday's ago and will be going back next tuesday :)
had a chilled few drinks in there before La Troya on the Wednesday night.....can't have been much going on as it was quiet up until 2.00am anyway....but it was lovely.