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Are you working on that project, MWG?

Actually looks like a decent deal for Ibiza first-timers or people who want a packaged trip.

Good timing too as that's my favorite time of the year to go.


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Please see the link for details on this year's parties.

looks like spam to me

couldnt see any details on this years "parties" and the "forum" looks remarkably like er "dontstayin" - the "partners" dont have anything to do with ibiza

the accommodation sounds real classy ;)

so basically you do a night at the zoo - which is dead easy as its dirt cheap, fiesta del agua at es paradis - arguably the easiest night on the island to get a dj in and rebrand and a "night" at privilege - which will probably mean the back room on a dead night for free



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Sounds like a giant rip off to me!

The Water Party is sh1te... AND FREE & Privillege is FREE on certain nights!

Your better off booking your holiday and chosing your own nights seperate! It can be expensive, but at least that way you can do what you wanna do and not the really sh!t cheap nights that this comnpany offer!

I work in Ibiza every summer and hear people complaining about this kind of deal all the time!


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Are you working on that project, MWG?

Actually looks like a decent deal for Ibiza first-timers or people who want a packaged trip.

Good timing too as that's my favorite time of the year to go.

No Morbs it is my mates firm. Just shamelessly plugging it for him

I think it is good package for first timers.

I ceryianly wouldn't say it's a rip-off, may not be to all our tastes. They have been going for 10 years I think. They also organise the SW4 Festival, Gallery and various others so it's not a two bob operation.

They take hundreds over every year and it is pretty relentless by all accounts.

As said may not suit all the veterans but for a group of first timers it ain't a bad place to start looking.


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Lock N Load Events in association with radical escapes present…


Fri 19th & Sat 20th June for one week

The most established and respected Ibiza clubbing holiday returns for an eighth year. Each summer the Ibizan Heat crew forms the largest group of dedicated clubbers to visit the isle of dance all summer long. Over 500 clubbers and 50 DJ’s take over some of the best venues on the island for a series of free parties and discounted food & drinks. Ibizan Heat is the only package holiday which delivers this added value, which in these belt-tightening times probably explains why we grow year on year.

Credit Crunching…

Next June’s package includes 3 FREE PARTIES in ES PARADIS, PRIVILEGE and OUR EXCLUSIVE ZOO PARTY - these parties are worth over €100 in admission alone!

Boat party… Bora Bora… free buses

Then there are the exclusive optional extras we organize for people on the trip: our legendary ALL-DAY boat party (forget sunset cruises – our boat party is the longest and regarded as the best each year by the crews who run the boats). We’ll also be running cheap cost price buses to BORA BORA and putting on free buses to CREAM, PRIVILEGE (as well as to-and-from our Zoo party) – plus selling the lowest priced tickets we can for Judgement Sunday, Cream & Pacha – as usual Ibizan Heat DJ’s will play at many of the above nights.

There are a limited number of Early Bird packages available priced £339 from London airports. Otherwise the Ibizan Heat standard package costs £379 and includes return scheduled British Airways (daytime) flight from London Gatwick (other airports available on request, supplements apply) direct transfer to your accommodation and choice of the largest self catering apartments in San An (based on 4 sharing a 1 bed apt with lounge or 5 or 6 sharing a 2 bedroom apt with lounge).

Upgrade: 3 sharing a self catering studio at the IBIZA ROCKS HOTEL (+ £70).

3 & 4 star upgrades & villas also available

7 night packages from Fri 19th/Sat 20th June

(10 night packages available from Wed 17th June)

All packages include an event wristband giving access into a mimimum of 3 parties at premier Ibizan venues.

For more information visit:


or to book call Nick at Vacation Club International

on 0208 780 5551

(promoter, press enquiries: 07788 666733)

Ibizan Heat: organized by clubbers… for clubbers.

Ibizan Heat is ATOL bonded T7246 and Travel Trust Assoc T9640


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what parties is this thing for??do you know? personal i think bookin a week and going to you own parties sounds a better idea.


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what parties is this thing for??do you know? personal i think bookin a week and going to you own parties sounds a better idea.

Basically everyone gets 3 free parties ( there will be more) - at Zoo, Es Paradis and Privilege & discounts at Kanya, Itaca, Bar M with their Ibizan Heast wristband.


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what parties at es paradis,privilage and the zoo ?? a good few of the nights in these places you can get free wrist bands from the prs if your in the right place at the right time?


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I don't think anyone's claiming you're going to get WLS or Circo Loco for your £339.

I'd say it could be perfect for Ibiza virigns going in small groups, who want to meet other folks quickly but aren't 18-30 types.


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My missus went away with this lots last year and her and her group of 20-odd said it was utterly, utterly appalling and run by a bunch of kids basically.

You seriously need to avoid this at all costs, its complete ****e.

They didnt even manage to deliver a single one of their promised nights. The DJ couldnt get in at Es Paradis, the night at Privelege was "Cancelled" at the last minute and the do at Gala night was the Zoo project.

Also - the supposed free / cheap tickets. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the tickets she used were more expensive than if you bought them seperately!!! The drinks discount at the mentioned bars is also total bull**** and doesnt get you a thing. The barmaids apparently were told it was a scam, so as soon as you were seen wearing these wristbands you were basically told to either pay normal prices or get out!!!

In essense, the Ibizan Heat staff were blatently creaming cash off the top for themselves in Ibiza. Absolutely shambolic operation run by some of the most clueless groups of people ive ever heard of.

You wont be suprised to hear that their "DJ's" are all DSI/Bedroom kids that have put the letters "D.J" in front of their names.

Im suprised their venture even got off the ground this year, i heard some of my birds party were considering sueing them for breach of contract.