Ibizamar Apartments ...

Mrs Carl Cox

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Stayin there 24th July-7th Aug, 4 girls from Glasgow, anyone any comments about the apartments? are they for families etc? ...
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stayed there a few years back and didnt like them, my biggest gripe is that they are advertised as one bedroom which is a joke, you open the door and walk through the bedroom to get to the living room, no doors in between, if you have two couples sharing or more than two the third person has to go through your "bedroom" to get to the bathroom.

pretty grubby when i was there, full of chav families and that was the end of July beginning of august, location is okay though, within walking distance of the town.
yes you walk passed a open area which is one bed area.the other is really in the kitchen area.its just really two settees.only good thing about these atps it has air con.