Ibiza Weekender - Recommended Hotels / Apartments?


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Hi People,

I have already booked up 5 nights in August but I have been asked to head out to the sunny isle for a weekend in July.

17th - 20th July.

The majority of the places I am looking at are outrageously pricey for a 3 night stay. Could anyone recommend some hotels / apartments that would be good for me in San Antonio? I wanna be in the heart of it so that all is at hand.

My budget is £200 for the accomodation but I would push to £250 if it means a better location / place to lay my head.

Thanks in advance

Lico x
well for that budget and time of year your maybes only going to get hostal accommodation in the centre of san an or some basic hotels (not to be confused with the british interpretation of hostals!)

I have noticed the Riviera hotel in the bay going quite cheaply on a number of different sites so that might be worth a try.

I have the same issue myself, looking for 5 nights from the 12th July and nothing is available for under £200

Had a quick look at my usual suppliers of accomodation and you can get the pisces park for £144 on those dates, there seems to be loads of availabiltiy for low budget hotels in hostals in san antonio.....maybe you havnt been looking hard enough:)
Try the Rosamar Apartments in San An Bay!

Heard they're pretty cheap at the mo! Decent rooms aswel!
Check your pm. San Remo £145 for the 17th to 20th incl breakfast.. just a small walk around the bay. Plenty of other offers around at the moment.
here you go

I can wholeheartedly recommend the hostal don juan cheap,clean accommodation that is SMACK BANG in the centre of san an/sunset strip area

Its 33 euros a night for a single room- a great hotel. so over 5 nights thats about £170 at todays exchange rate.

location - tick
price - tick
hotel - tick

all ya need is ya voska red bull :)

here is the link to the cheapest place to bookit:-


scroll down and find the hotel:p
Hotel Piscis park £158 h/b on lowcost holidays. Del mar for £158, even the 4* Garbi PDB room only is £128 ish all same site :)
All the info so far has been wicked. Thanks guys! Got a lot to look through but the more the better!