Ibiza Weather 2009


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Here is the weather forecast for Ibiza this year:
Interior – Scorchio
Exterior – Scorchio
Costa – Scorchio
So says the boss of the Balearic weathermen, Agustí Jansà, who predicts that 2009 is going to be scorching hot. He's examined his records and says that the weather has a tendency to 'warm up' in a year following one like 2008 in which temperatures were quite low in comparison to normal.

The average temperature over the last 30 years has been 18 degrees centigrade but last year it was a mere 17.9. Interestingly, Ibiza had 20% less rainfall last year than average, 366 litres per square metre as opposed to the normal 430 litres.

So, if you're coming out this Summer, save on your luggage allowance by leaving your fleeces, anoraks, woolly hats and scarves at home ready for when you get back!