Ibiza Virgins



Me and my mate have decided that after three years of uni we need a holiday. We are going to be two girls on our own without a clue! We want to go to Ibiza for the Subliminal and Spaced closing parties. How much will it cost to get in? What time will we have to get to the clubs to guarantee us getting in? where do we get tickets etc? Obviously we don't want to spend our time, trying to get tickets and finding out where everything is so any info you can give us will be great.
Also, where should we stay San Antonio or Playa d'en Bossa?
You pre buy your tickets before you go, as you get them cheaper and you have the reassurance you are definatly get in, just in the unlikely case they stop letting people in

You will get your tickets for space for around 35Euro from the music shop in the west end in San Antonio though there are hundreds of places to get tickets and you will easierly be able to find them when you are there

You should really make your own decision on where to stay, it depends on how you are as people, weather you are hardcore clubbers or piss heads depending on where will be best for you

Whats for sure you will have the best time of your life so dont worry too much about everything and just go mad