ibiza virgins



Hey everyone.... My 2 friends and I are going to Ibiza for the first time in august - the 2-7. What clubs are not to miss??? I heard that Radio 1 is there but does that mean there are special events or something then??? we know about sundays at space but other than that anything other advice would be fantastic.... thanks in advance! :)
the best idea is to browse the main clubbing section of this site and these forums for a while. Use the search facility to find out more. There's so much to see and do in ibiza, try to narrow your question, everybody has different tastes
ok... narrowing the question - we like to go clubbing and any type of music is really fine with us - techno, dance, hip hop etc.... but we want to stick to the main places and events for the 5 days we are there - we need to be clubbed out when we leave :lol: eventhough its just our first stop. hope this narrows it down, but i dont think it does actually.... :rolleyes: oh well, what not to miss in clubland is my question i guess