Ibiza virgins - RSVP


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The time has come where the inevitable IBIZA conquest is edging ever closer! Me + 3 are heading out on the 26th Sep and catchin either closing @ Pacha or Privilege on the Sat night :?: Dont know what to do, any suggestions?? Got tickets for close @Space on sunday so def goin there.

The thing most on the "team's" mind is stuff like entries into clubs - whats the deal dress code wise (paranoid i know) and are the bouncers goin to knock you back when you've booked tickets and paid 50 euros??!!

When should we hit Space bearing in mind the previous nights expiditions, and can you just come and go as you please?

Somebody put the paranoid minds at rest so we can look forward to gettin mashed without pricks on the door at the biggy closin nights!

PS - staying at Club Paraiso, heard its good but know wot u mean with a "room with a view" poolside - pish :?:
wear what you want mate. you wont have any problems. i turned up at space one morning looking like a right proper wreak (which is me 99% of the time anyway).

no probs getting in.

even at pacha where you expect people to dress up...there isnt an issue with just turning up in trainers and jeans and a t-shirt (though they may turn you away if you are in shorts..)

space, mid-day should be fine.

enjoy :)
It´s true. Anything fits.

You just can´t enter with drinks.

To be like everybody end feel confortable, you should dress something really crazy, shave some parts of your hair and paint it.

Wear box shoes and use a lot of make up.

You have to be -estaile-
To have "Style"

I went just like I go to the beach, with bermudas shirt and confortable snikers to dance a lot.

I was completely different from everybody in there.

PLUS - You have the right to go out and come back ONE time.

At the evening, go out, take a shower, take a nap, dress again and come back to the night!!
you got the stuff bout space

club paraiso is wicked, its over the back of town, but not too far from everything in san an once you know where you are

i lived in ibiza for two years and had loadsa pals come over, my sis and her pal came last year and stayed in paraiso, end of august. they had pool view, they had apartment on bottom floor, patio door opened out onto pool. there was a dj there all day and the pool was packed with people. dont know if this goes on this late into the season. only thing is high security at night, i slept there everynight but had to be smuggled in big time cos there were 2 security guards at the gate, but there are ways!
i always reckon pool view is best anyway, you can see whats goin on any hour of the day

im back over on the 26th but staying in the bay

hope this helped 8)