Ibiza Virgin



Hi everyone

i'm travelling to ibiza at the end of the week :p never been before so need some advice! please!
Is it worth hiring a car or is it easier to just get taxis or buses whatever?
i want to go shopping in Ibiza town cause got nothing to bring with me(typical woman!! :oops: ), an i need some cool stuff to go clubbing in - wheres the best place to go??

oh yeh - has anyone heard of the hotel areial (or somthing like that!) in san an bay cause thats where i'm staying an was just wondering what it is like

Thanks xx
We never hire cars, just get taxis everywhere but a lot of people do hire cars and drive. We just don't want the hassle of one of us driving and taxis are cheap but it's personal choice.

There are lots of shops in Ibiza Town, it depends what you're after, I find them a bit 'last-season', nothing you won't have seen in England a few months previously but they've got stuff like Mango and Zara plus a few boutiques.

Do you mean Arenal, if so it is just down from Bar M, towards the Bay, it's a nice hotel and the location is good as you're far enough away from West End but only a short walk to Mambos etc.