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Hi ibiza lovers,i need help.Myself and three friends are off to ibiza on the 28/06/03 - 06/07/03 and staying in San Antonio,i've been reading aother peoples messages and i get the impression San Antonio isnt a nice place&the place to be is the East side?Is it worth goin to all the major nightclubs as a lot of people are saying Eden isnt very good?where should we go?
by all means go to eden once but there are much better clubs elsewhere.
you must go to pacha, space, amnesia, bora-bora
The first time I went to Ibiza I stayed in San An. The best part about staying in San An is hanging out on the "Sunset Strip" at night at places like Mambo, Cafe Del Mar, and Savanah. I had a good night or two in Eden, but I didn't like the overall vibe in San An. If you rent a car you can tour the entire island and see what your preference is. you can read the posts and articles on this site for useful info before you visit Ibiza.
all comes down to your budget

i would say it all comes down to your budget, and wether your their for the clubbing and drinking.

san an is okay but yes thats wwhere you will find all the lager louts
but it's fun, it's also the easyist place to meet people.
ibiza town is more cosmapolatian i tend to find it not as friendlly

that's my thoughts on it any way.
the east side is probably more like london and the west more like blackpool...if you like t!ts and a$$ then go west ...if you like ££drinks and good music go east..!!

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the_exhibitionist_74 said:
the east side is probably more like london and the west more like blackpool

the north of the island is like the lake district and the south of the island is like canvey island?
Maybe I'm one of the few who did not like San An at all.......very pretty scenary...too much comotion of drunken fools trying to grope at you in the streets....I prefer the more multicultural Ibiza Town........San An is definately a must-see while you're there but please do try to see the rest that Ibiza has to offer.....you won't regret it!!!