ibiza virgin where to go????


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hey there me and my g/f are off to ibiza for the first time satday night for a week anyone have any suggestions where to go for the best nights/days out are? i really want to see p tong is he playing wenesday?we are staying in san an i can wait to get there :?:
Crystal said:

Amnesia is a great club, but unfortunately highly populated with nobs :rolleyes:

Pete Tong plays at Pacha on Friday's.

Best nights, IMO ......

- We Love Sundays at Space: Sunday (obviously :rolleyes: )
- Subliminal at Pacha: Wednesday
- Defected at El Divino: Sunday
- Hed Kandi at El Divino: Saturday
- Circoloco at DC10: Monday afternoon until 10pm
- Pinup: Monday after DC10

I went to Pacha on Friday (Aug. 15) and it was a french dj. They gave me some necklace that said FU*K ME I AM FAMOUS
And there were loads of frogs in there.
I love it when all the politcal corrective crap gets chucked in the bin.

Say what you mean and mean what you say!

The comment wasn't offensive - frogs are cute(ish)
I personally think the opposite than DrewUK (sorry :oops: ). Pacha is generally full of nobs and many posh people, the most gorgeous ladies and cutest guys, but too posh and not to party hard IMHO. There are even many places restricted for VIPs only.

Amnesia is different each night depending on the party you're going to. If you like house La Troya is your party. If you like trance it's Cream, and if you like techno, it's Cocoon.

However I must say that both Cream and Cocoon are populated by very young crowds in the inner room while the terrace doesn't attract crowds despite being better for me.

As for Space, We Love Sundays and Matinee are a must IMO.