Ibiza Virgin w/questions



Ok, I'm an American making my first exodus to Ibiza for the Sept. 4th Tiesto/PVD show at Amnesia. I know you guys have probably answered these questions a thousand times but...

When's a good time to enter the clubs?? Unfortunately here in LA, when Tiesto or PVD spin the club is open at 10-11 and closes at 3-4, so you get there early. Do I need to get there early??? Does the club even open before 12 as it says on this site?

Second, I'm just curious when Tiesto/PVD or the big DJ's spin at the same club how long do they spin for?? Does Tiesto go for three hours, than PVD for three or longer???

I'm counting the days....
most clubs don't open tell 12 midnight. but don't get there till 1:30 ish.

tiesto and pvd normally play 3 hours each, however it depends on how many other djs are also playing that night.