Ibiza virgin... Thursday night in Ibiza?


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It will be my first time in Ibiza and I will stay there just for two nights. Me and my friend want to get best of Ibiza and we couldn't decide what to do in Thursday night.

F*** Me I'm Famous - Pacha
Cream - Amnesia
Be @ Space - Space

We can't choose which would be the best choice for Thursday night. I will be very happy if you folks help me and explain why you recommend one of them.

F*** Me I'm Famous - Pacha
Cream - Amnesia
Be @ Space - Space

Depends what you like, if you like cheesy crap while being packed in like sardines, as it costs you a fortune, then go to FMIF at Pacha ;)

If you like your trance and Eric Prydz Head to Amnesia 8)

Personally I'd give Be @ Space a go, its meant to be a great party this year 8)
Cream and FMIF are SH** and very expensive .. Cream is just like back in Britain FFs and who wants to see the likes of Eddie Halliwell?? I love Annie Mac but I can see her over here any time

BE @ Space is free if you go down the beach in the day before and is an awesome night (Forget Tom Novy is there)

Guy Gerber is the man :D
... BE @ Space is ... an awesome night ...
... because ...
... Tom Novy is there ...

Thank you all for your precious advices.

From what I've heard from my friends who went to Ibiza, I really wanted to see David Guetta and Pacha. I also heard that Pacha is over-crowded at thursdays.

I guess I will be @ Space =)

Also for the friday night me and my friend are planning to go to Supermartxe - Privilege. What do you think about that show? Is there a better alternative to that show?

I went Ibiza last week. We went to Be @ Space first as it was free before a certain time (I think it's 11pm) and it was building up nicely then we headed to FMIF as we had managed to get guestlist.
We only stayed for 1hr 30 while Laidback Luke played as it was too rammed in there. We couldn't get anywhere near the dancefloor and were stuck on the balcony which was also rammed. I think tickets are around 60euros as well :eek:
If you go FMIF get there early and claim your spot on the dancefloor!
They need to move FMIF to a bigger club; Amnesia, Privllege or Space maybe.
We went Cream last year as it was the Swedish House Mafia take over and it was amazing but it was just full of English (I'm English but i like to experience different atmospheres when I'm abroad)!
I would recommend Be @ Space personally.