Ibiza virgin- need info on clubs (foam vs. water)


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Hi Ibiza lovers,

I'll be headed to the island this August, and cannot wait! I arrive Wednesday night at 23:30 (11:30pm), and leave on Saturday at 08:00. I know, not enough time. Anyway, when I arrive, I'd like to either go to the water party at Es Paradis or the foam party at Amnesia. I know they can both be cheesy, but it's something my group would like to experience. Will I make it to either one, considering it'll be around 1:30am? Do I buy tickets in advance? Can everyone please tell me which one is a better party or better Ibiza experience?? Now, when I arrive, it's Wednesday evening going into Thursday morning- is that when the Wed. night parties are, or are they Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, considering the events usually don't get going until the AM hours? It's a little confusing. In other words, the water party or foam parties advertised on Wed. night are basically Wed. 11pm-Thurs. 6am, right? Just want to clarify that, since I have such little time on the island. Ideally, I'd like to hit them both, but it looks like the next one isn't til Sunday night (which means Sunday 11pm til Monday 6am). Help, please. Somebody please clarify the hours and nights, etc. :)
Much thanks!

P.S. Are there any foam or water parties on Thursday or Friday nights this summer?

I went to a foam party many years ago but not in Ibiza ... anyway I thought I was gonna suffocate and trampled everyone. Hope that helps!
Been to a bunch of foam parties in my time not the one at Amnesia though. They are mildly amusing for a short while but the foam is sticky as hell, if you get caught up in a crowd when its coming down you feel like you will die as it gets in your throat and nose (im serious about this btw, its AWFUL) and when you come out side you get proper cold instantly and have to walk back covered sticky like someone poured an 8litre bottle of cherry cola (not diet) over you.

Water parties only been to the one at es-paridis. Crap music, water didnt come on until like 04:00, and I got wet.

They are both pretty funny if there is a group of you messing about and its worth experiencing once :)

I went to the one in Amnesia a couple of years ago....but I didn't know it was going to be a foam party.
I had been at a party in El Ayoun and we went there after.
It was a nightmare.
I happened to be right in the middle when they started spraying it all.....and to make things worse they sprayed me down with a hosepipe when I went to leave.
Very sobering experiance.
I remember years ago when Eden used to have a foam party on one side of the club and not the other - I got caught in the foam from some randoms chucking it around...

I suffer with skin irritations and have to be really careful what I use on my skin. Within 10 mins my arms were covered in huge bright red itchy blotches - I scratched so much I broke the skin...

I wouldnt recommend it if anyone has sensitive skin personally..... it was feckin awful :spank:
I used to love the Espuma parties back in the day when La Troya began running parties on the Amnesia terrace.

It was SO much fun being really tacky and covering ourselves in foam before terrorising loads of snooty fashionista gayers next door. They were always horrified. :lol: :lol: :oops:
I'm 35 now and wouldn't entertain it now really - I agree with all the previous negative comments, but on my first visit to San An when I was about 22, we had a great laugh in Es Paradis!!
if your going to a foam party don't look up with your mouth open, you will suffocate, well it just feels like you are, horrible
Dont let the"been there done that" crew put you off.

If you arrive late on Wednesday night and you are staying in San An then I would recommend that you go to the Fiesta del Agua (water party), in fact you want to arrive after 1.00 o'clock. The water display doesnt start till about 4.00 o'clock (Thursday morning).

If there are a few of you then it is a good fun experience and the music is Ok (not as bad as people on this site will make out)

Some advise, dont wear any expensive clothing or watches, and if you are not staying in San An then take a spare pair of shorts & t shirt that you can change into to ride home in.
Ps. You will probably be better buying your tickets from a tickets shop or bar, rather than at the door. There are a number of these shops at the bottom of the West End close to the club.